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    The CineBird team

    “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA’s), never before have we had such power to bring the imagery of our dreams into reality.
    Unmanned aerial vehicle technologies have opened the world to an exciting range of opportunities that have transformed industries from film and television, construction, surveying and even conservation.
    Cinebird's reputation is based on three core principles; professionalism, planning and safety. Don't just take our word for it, put us to the test and contact us today to discuss your next project.


    This passion for flight combined with digital imaging has brought together professionals of a broad range of experiences to form the team that is CineBird Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems; with professional camera operators, video editors, and technical engineers with decades of experience in broadcast television, to professional photographers, corporate business consultants and computer technicians. We are proud of our people and what they can contribute to your project.
    Having committed to providing you a service, we will work until until you are happy with the outcome; guaranteed.

    Risk management

    CineBird’s obligation to public safety and risk mitigation extends to our public liability insurance cover with QBE with whom we have a solid working relationship around the ongoing assessing of safety and risk management. Every assignment begins with identifying your needs whilst also considering risks that might require consideration and management. Consequetly, we love to get involved in the pre-production phase of projects in order to ensure that there are no last minute hiccups that could delay your schedule. An early call is a good call.

    Commitment to Safety

    Aerial cinematography is “all about the shot” and each member of the team is a perfectionist in their own right. But the one thing we hold in higher regard than perfection in digital imaging is the safe execution of our services. CineBird is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator – UOC No. 1-12O44L-2. We are compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 101. CASA have issued CineBird with an UAV Operators Certificate having assessed that we are compliant and are safe to operate. This is reflected in our company’s operational guidelines and procedures.
    Cinebird wont compromise on safety.

    Contact Cinebird to find out how we can assist you with your project.

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    The showreel highlights only a sample of the work undertaken by Cinebird for our clients. For more examples of our work, head over to our Vimeo channel using the button.

    Cinebird's team of talented UAV pilots, camera operators and production personal engage in a wide range of aerial projects spanning film and television, corporate promotion, sports and events, asset inspection, conservation, construction and 3D archival photogrammetry. Our Cinebird showreel provides a taste of some of Cinebird's endeavours.

    Click for more sample videos by Cinebird on Vimeo

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